Loan Servicing

Sombrero Capital has serviced over 4,000 loans for itself since 2011. We are confident our capabilities can serve others to a high standard. We cater to lenders of any size and any industry. 


Our loan servicing module is a customized platform geared to service lenders large and small. 

Our Difference

In addition to providing great service to borrowers and lenders, our pricing is simple. We spare our clients from the common laundry list of fees. We offer three pricing options:

  1. Flat Fee; or
  2. Percentage of active portfolio (best for smaller avg size loan portfolios); or,
  3. Custom plan. We can customize our service and servicing fee if necessary. 

Please contact us for a free pricing quote. 

Our Quality of Service

  • Experienced loan servicing professionals
  • In house CPA overseeing servicing and accounting team
  • Multilingual servicing staff
  • Online borrower account access
  • Online lender access
  • 1098 generation
  • Many payment options for borrowers
  • Recurring ACH management
  • Compliance and audit trail
  • Insurance renewal management
  • Escrow analysis and management
  • Adjustable rate options
  • Lines of credit options with unused fees
  • Monthly reporting
  • Registered and licensed
  • and much more!

Lender Inquiries


Items for Loan Servicing

Lender Information

We have a form for new lenders to fill in. We will gather lender details including bank account info for transferring funds electronically. 

Borrower Information

It's important to transfer as much information about the borrower(s) as possible. We will require a copy of the loan application and borrower IDs.  

Loan Terms

We will require a copy of loan documents to confirm the loan terms. 

Special Terms

We can implement any special conditions, please inform us of your special terms.